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Internet Money?

kinh-doanh-tai-nha-2-300x165 What is Internet Money?

Are you serious about making internet money? I am! I was passionate about finding another source of income for me.  The saying of Warren Buffet inspired me “Do not put all eggs in one basket”. If you lose the basket, you will be nowhere. Therefore, It is always good to have some extra source of income to stabilize your income. I needed one badly; so, I was searching and testing things on the internet. What more – tried PTC, filled Surveys. I found out that those do not give  what I was searching for.

You are here because you have been there. You are in the correct place. (luckily) Keep on reading; do not miss any part. This is a lengthy article. At the end, I’m sure you will find the answer to earn real money in your account by blogging.

There are many attractive advertisement on the internet showing you luxury cars, people counting plenty of money and luxurious life that you cannot imagine; even testimonials! Do not fall into such scams. They will not give you a penny but waste your valuable time and money. Always remember this

Nothing comes to you easily, you have to earn them.

No one gives anything for nothing

You will have to work hard to lay the foundation for your blogging business. Yes, I call it a business because many live by blogging. I got the inspiration from pro bloggers like Pat Flynn and Harsh Kumar Agraval. They earn nearly five figure income by blogging. (not a joke)

Blogging a Source of Income?

images-300x150 What is Internet Money?

Can we really make money by blogging? Yes, there are plenty of examples as I shown above. You have to start strong, utilizing correct tools in the proper way. Once you set it up, you will see money will come to your account while you sleep or traveling. All you have to do is spare at least one hour for your blog everyday. (cool! isn’t it?) Remember, your blog is your business. You have to be serious about it.

I must say, this is not a get rich plan overnight. If someone say something like that, it is a lie. I would rather say, this is a process. You will have to sail through. Do not worry, Our blog is there for you. I have tested many ways to monetize my blog and I have written and I am writing my every scrape of my true experiences to share with people like you. Just sit back, you will learn how to start your first blog in next 25minutes.

I am Serious…

As I have said, I am serious about my business. I do not like to introduce you any scam programs to start your new blog. I must be frank here as some of the programs pay me a commission if you sign up under my link. That is why I said, I do not like to introduce anything that would harm our name. Most of the programs are quality products and the owners are too serious about their business.

As I said, starting a blog is a business. You have to spend in order to earn something. Don’t Halt! Keep on reading. Considering the amount to start a new business, starting a blog cost you a little amount of money. Your business place is your home, in front of your computer; Do not forget, you are the sole owner.

How Much Do I Have to Spend?

A piece of advice! Just take a test drive before buying the vehicle. If you are comfortable with it, you can kick on. It will be about under 8$ for the Domain name for an year and one month Hosting. (Sound good! isn’t it.) Let’s start. Who knows, you may start doing the biggest investment in your life!

I would recommend you to choose WordPress as your blogging platform. Most of the sites on the internet use WordPress as their blogging platform. This is where you make blog posts, and analyze data of your blog site. It is really simple to set things up.

The Biggest Thing

If you have no idea about this I suggest, just close your computer and take a rest and think deep before taking any action. This is where you keep the biggest step forward. It is selecting a niche. If you have no idea about niche. I have written a post about How to choose a niche. You can read it and get an idea before you start.

Now you have selected a niche and think of a name to your blog site. (ex: www.myfirstblog.com) If it is a niche related one, that would be much better. Now you are going to launch your blog in a minute.

Step o1: Buy a Hosting Service and Domain Name

web-hosting-and-domain-registration-300x111 What is Internet Money?
Hosting servers are where the files of your blog site live. You have to buy this service and Your business should have a name (ex: www.yoursite.com) ; You have to buy that either. All following hosting services give you over 60 days money back guarantee. They are very confident about their service. If you do not feel good. You can get a refund. (That is that simple.)

All the following sites have one click install WordPress. You do not have to do the things in hard way and to have any special knowledge nor any coding knowledge. You can use the following links to buy hosting services at a discounted price.

01. DreamHost :- Provide unmatched 97days money back guarantee and unlimited space and unlimited domain names. Starting from 3-5$

02. BlueHost:- WordPress recommended hosting partner. Domain name and unlimited hosting. Awesome support 24H. Starting from 3-5$

Capture-300x140 What is Internet Money?

03. Hostgator :- Kept best for the last. This is the hosting partner that I use. Hostgator too  provides unlimited space, Domain name, their customer support is highly recommended. Starting from 4-5$ month.

You can get a domain name from the hosting partner or form NameCheap. Most people keep domain names and Hosting apart because they can change hosting partners anytime. NameCheap provides domain names from 4$ for an year.

Note: After buying domain names from another service, you have to transfer the DNS addresses between Hosting and Domain service providers. This is easy. You can copy the codes (this is in your firs e-mail or in C-panal) and paste them under name-servers in the NameCheap dashboard. Transfer takes place within 24hrs.

Congratulations! You have done the first step great. Now rest is easy to complete. Keep on reading.

02. Install WordPress on the Host

Once you have bought hosting partner and domain name. You can start installing WordPress. Log on to your hosting control panel  using your C-panal username and password. Forget the rest of the icons find- install wordpress icon. You can read how to install WordPress on BlueHost here.

The process is same with regard to other hosting partners. Keep your username and password in a safe place. Your log in address will be www.yourdomain\wpadmin.

Now you enter your site through the back door with WordPress. You can start right away by selecting a theme. Setting up the site is the first tiny step forward to your money making blog. You should start writing thoughtful and resourceful post in your blog. Keep on reading. If you are tired, take a rest and come back later.

03. Installing a Theme

WordPress comes with over 4000 free built in themes. If you just want to start a test blog you can start with free one. Once you feel OK with your blogging, My advice is to choose a professional theme for your blogging business. If you want to start, start it strong!. You can use Genesis frame work which is the ultimate solution for WordPress themes. Most of the blogs in the world run by this frame work.

04. Writing Your First Blog Post

Blog-Great-Content-300x146 What is Internet Money?

First of all, go to your dashboard and delete the default post and go to plug in and deactivate Mojo Marketplace plugin. Now you are ready to start writing your first blog post. Read How to write your first blog post here.

WordPress plugins play a big role in your new blog site. Read about the must have wordpress plugins here.

Keep on writing resourceful blog posts highly related to your niche with good SEO. Be useful to others, Write targeted posts and keep on testing. Our blog will always be for bloggers and will give you many ideas about monetizing your blog. That is the ultimate aim of you and me and most bloggers. I have posted many useful posts regarding monetizing. You can read about Affiliate Marketing Here.

05. Grow Your Business

images-1-300x170 What is Internet Money?

Now you have set up a blog and running. It is time to grow. Grow your audiance. I think you must have read about SEO article and you know how to do that now. It is time to get another step forward. Build your e-mail list. You can read more about it here.

Aweber and Get Response are great email list building services. They help you to build sign up forms to convert your visitors to lifetime customers. There is a saying “money in the list“. How can it be? Remember, You are running a business. The email list is your loyal customers and every marketer knows that customers are their wealth. They are in the list because they have faith in you. This is the time to introduce exclusive deals to them. From that, you create a stable business. At the end.. You are the boss of your blog.

For that it’s is time to make some investment on e-mail list. Sooner is better! Grab a trial period from Aweber or GetResponse using this exclusive the links and get familiar with the service.

05. Monetize

website-monetization-1-300x128 What is Internet Money?

There are many ways to monetize your new blog site. One of the most lucrative one is Affiliate Marketing. You can get to know every aspect of affiliate marketing as our website is all about affiliate marketing. You utilize Adsense by Google or Media.net as an alternative. Subscribe to  our newsletter to know weekly updates about monetizing deals. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

It is time to take action!

Remember just blogging will not give you tons of money. You have to do the hard work first. Keep on learning as we do. Do not hesitate to get above risk free actions. We will be right behind you. If you have any questions regarding blogging, feel free to comment or write to us. Share if you find this useful.

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