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Amazon Affiliate Ultimate, The best place for any beginner affiliate

Amazon is the largest market place which is supported by their ultimate affiliate program. As an affiliate this is the place you find most of the tools and resources to be successful. Amazon affiliate  is the first program I joined as its affiliate program is simple and their dashboard is easy to use for any beginner. You can find all the bloggers’ hardware in this place too.

Amazon affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is one of the best lucrative source of income by any blogger. Although the rate of commission is relatively law, Amazon affiliate  is one of the best beginner friendly affiliate program. Any blogger find products related to their program as it has wide range of products. Research have found that when a person enter the marketplace of Amazon, they usually buy more than one product. That’s why many bloggers earn their bread and butter with this program. If you have not joined  yet, You can join here.

amazon-associates-1024x462-300x118 Amazon Ultimate, The best place for any beginner affiliate

Once you join, you can promote any products easily. You can simply search the product and Amazon generates the product affiliate link for you, you have to copy paste the code or URL into your post. You can read how to add short affiliate links into your post here.

Writing a Kindle Book

slide4-300x175 Amazon Ultimate, The best place for any beginner affiliate

Once you grow as a blogger, you can collect your blog posts and create a kindle book. You can write it in any platform like Microsoft word or any word processor; Amazon provide tools to convert it to a kindle book. You can add it into kindle store for selling. If you done this properly you will be able to earn considerable amount of extra cash as kindle reading has become a style in the modern world. (1$x100 e-books =100$; keep on calculating)

Resources from the store

kindle-store-300x158 Amazon Ultimate, The best place for any beginner affiliate

You can find e-books related to affiliate marketing and become a pro in this field by reading. One of the best ways to be a pro in any area, is to read a lot related the area you work on. Remember “reading makes a m

51xSFbwxU0L._SL250_ Amazon Ultimate, The best place for any beginner affiliatean perfect”. Having said that, you can start reading with this best seller book related to affiliate marketing.

If you love reading, you can buy Amazon kindle for a discounted price here. Kindle reading has advanced the reading up to a new level of reading.51hrdzXLUHL._SL250_ Amazon Ultimate, The best place for any beginner affiliate

Kindle books are cheap (usually 1-2$) than paperback books.

You can download the kindle reader app for windows here. If you are not a regular reader you can get this one for free. Once you buy a kindle book, it automatically loads into this software where you can read.

 It’s time to take action

If you have not joined any affiliate programs yet, it is time to take action. If you don’t have a blog, read this article before you start. There are other affiliate programs for you to join try ClickBank and CJ Affiliate here. If you find this article useful, feel free to share it with your friends. Join our weekly newsletter for awesome news right into your inbox weekly.

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