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Be a Microworker


Microworkers is one of the best platform for a part time worker on the internet. As the name depicts it provides small works and give extra bit of income for you. There are millions of microworkers and micro working sites on the internet but Microworkers provide more reliable platform for internet workers as it is not a scam. It has not failed to pay the workers so far. You can google to find payment proofs and whether this is true or false.

How to Join Microworkers

Joining Microworkers is easy and totally free. Go to the Microworkers site and sign in as a new member. Provide true details specially the address because they send you a pin number which is a security fact in order to withdraw money. If you provide wrong details, you know what would happen. Internet details prove that they pay regularly and has not failed the members so far.

What You Need

You need some English knowledge. The instructions are simple and there are no lengthy sentences to read therefore, you don’t need much knowledge of English to use Microworkers. You should have social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google Plus..etc. If you don’t like to expose your details, you’d better make unique accounts just for Micro works. You can use a different browser and setup tabs then you can do tasks easier and faster. Most micro works are based on social accounts. You have micro works like copy, paste and commenting on forums, downloading.. etc. Most activities based on You Tube commenting. They are not that hard.

How Much You Can Earn

Most micro works give you less than 1$ but they take only less than 2-3 minutes to complete. You can earn more than 5$ per hour by doing 10 or more tasks. Normally there are many tasks. Once you go with accuracy levels you can do more tasks. Remember to select what you can do. Selecting wrong tasks can harm your accuracy level up to banning your account.

Concern On Accuracy

You must pay attention on accuracy. If you fail on tasks, that harms not only your reputation but also Microworkers; They do not like that. Therefore, they pay much attention on this. You should keep your accuracy over 75% to do tasks. Read the instructions carefully before accepting a job to do.

I must say doing micro works is not my job, but I provided you details about my experiences. There may be more to improve. Why don’t you comment and share your details about this area. Cheers!

You can earn passively by starting a blog and mosnitizing it. Read and know how to start one.

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