Blogging and Marketing

What do you expect by blogging? Some may say for passion while some directly say for money. Where would you stand? passion or money? I too was there and sometime I am still wondering what is correct and what is wrong. During the advancement of time and your honest comments, I felt like sharing what I felt about blogging and hope that would help you to improve the quality of your blogging experience. Let me be frank, these ideas may not be perfect, Why don’t you share what your ideas are by commenting.

Blogging about What?

I blog about my experiences. At the beginning I did a big mistake. I wrote reviews about products targeting for commission. When the readership increase, I felt; it is misleading to force products on your readers. People come to your blog for reason. They need information about something. If you mislead them or force them to buy something; they will not come back to you. Therefore, blogging means responsibility. You have to bear some responsibility about what you provide.

It is true, we need money to keep on. I too need money to carry on this work. I too promote affiliate products because  I need money! but ask your self; do you like to be forced to buy something? Nobody likes. So what can we do? Be frank, tell what you know about the product. It can be pros or cons. Let the reader to decide. I believe floating advertisement bars, advertisement all around will harm the readership. You can place them, without annoying the reader.

Affiliate Marketing.

My blog is about affiliate marketing. You introduce products and hope someone click my link giving you some commissions. How good it is? You know it is a horrible feeling. How can you tell about a product without trying it? How can you tell a product is awesome if you really find it irksome? The more you try to convince, the more readers will reject you! How bad it is!

The best thing is you can write about what you really experience. I use HostGator for my hosting. So I can say it is good. I can write true tutorials about it. I can really provide answers for your questions in comment section. That makes me helpful to you for making a purchase. If you really do not know about the product, How can you do this?

It is true, we cannot buy everything but your readers need real information. You can read information about the product and make your judgement. If you find it useful. You can introduce them. You may tell that you do not really use that this product; reader might not worry about that. Let the reader to make the decision. You can provide the link to try the product.  I personally do not like to be tempted. I believe nobody likes.

One Last Word

Do not be worried or crestfallen. Think that your readers are human. Try to be valuable to them. Try to be helpful. Then you will build up trust. Remember not to break that trust upon you. Everyone knows that you need money. My idea is why hide it? This is a world of marketing. Be honest to your readers.

Hope you got some for your blogging experience. Share it with others to share the good news. If you have any disagreement, feel free to give your ideas about them. Join our newsletter to get new post right in to your inbox. Remember, we never spam you.

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