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Creating a RSS Driven Newsletter with Mailchimp

Newsletter is a great tool to send your new posts wrapped nicely to your subscribers. Subscribing to the newsletter gives you the chance to receive all the posts to your inbox whenever a new post made. You can subscribe to our newsletter to see our new posts before anyone read them. We value our readers and never spam you; if you ever needed, you can unsubscribe at anytime.

download-1 Creating a RSS Driven Newsletter with Mailchimp

As a blogger you can keep your reader engaging with your blog. You can use Jetpack subscriber widget to do this but it does not help you to build up your list nor you have full control over it.

Mailchimp is a great e-mailing platform for a beginner as it is free upto 2500 subscribers and you can send 12000 emails for a month. When you grow your e-mail list, you will be asked to upgrade your plan to a paid plan.

Start BIG!

However, If you need to start big, you can use more professional growing e-mail managers like Aweber and GetResponse. They too support RSS driven newsletter campaigns with thousands of added features with cool templates which will give better conversion rates. Do not forget, money in the list. Keep in mind, the subscribers are the one who like to listen from you. I believe that, that’s why most major companies collecting e-mail addresses.

WordPress hosted sites normally have RSS feed. The address may like www.yourdomain\feed. If you can’t find the feed Mailchimp will help you to find; just add your site’s address when prompted.

Start the Campaign

You can go to main menu and start RSS- Driven campaign by clicking new campaign button. You will be asked to give a name to the campaign you can proceed forward.
rss-campaign-300x145 Creating a RSS Driven Newsletter with Mailchimp

Then you can select the subscribers; I suggest to use a group which will be more successful. In next window, you can set up the newsletter. Most of the fields are filled by default. You can add a catchy email subject. You can tick Personalize to field to speak directly to the person by his or her name. Once you have done this, click next.
customize-300x119 Creating a RSS Driven Newsletter with Mailchimp

You can select a template. It is good to select a pre-built theme which makes it easy for you to set up the e-mail. Now a days e-mails differ from conventional e-mails. They come up with colorful, appealing themes that attract any reader.
mailchimp-email-templates-300x213 Creating a RSS Driven Newsletter with Mailchimp

After selecting the template you can design the email. You can personalize the email by adding your logo and a banner. You can add or remove fields, configure social buttons. Most importantly you should add RSS header and RSS items in content section. These fields will be automatically updated with your related RSS feeds in your posts.

mailchimp-rss-04-300x138 Creating a RSS Driven Newsletter with Mailchimp

Now you are all set. Review the things are there as you configured. Finally confirm. Here you go. Your newsletter will be sent to your subscriber in the scheduled date. If you want to edit template or settings, you can go to campaign menu and pause the campaign before editing.

0-YN8DCJTi27dOumNF--300x129 Creating a RSS Driven Newsletter with Mailchimp

Join, Share and Show Love…

News Letters are a great way to drive traffic to your site.  That also give readers chances to keep in touch with content they like to read. I always believe that subscribers are the strength of any blogger. That shows the blogger whether the reader like to read or listen more from him. If you find my blog posts useful, you can subscribe to my newsletter! You are free to unsubscribe at anytime. If you find this article is useful, share it with your friends.

If you are new to e-mail marketing, read the post: Grow your Internet Business with E-mail Marketing. You can use read proven ways to build up your e-mail list here.

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