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I am Sampath Gamage, You see me as my web name Shewagamage. I found the little sapling of Although it is called funnymoney, I am serious about blogging and emoney and I am here to share every bit of information with my vibrant emoney buddies.

I am Sri Lankan currently blogging in Southern Province. Only few deal with blogging industry in here. My ultimate goal is to take Sri Lanka to the next level of blogging. I had a great deal of help from worldwide and I feel blogging make world a closer place than ever. We share and thrive together that makes us a family.

I am a language and IT teacher working in a government school in Sri Lanka. I am graduated in Language and Literature. I had the passion working in IT section and to run a business of my own. After long testing and trying, was born.

Part time blogger?

As I am a professional teacher, I cannot spend my entire time on blogging. Blogging is my second source of income. Everyday, I spend at least one hour on my work. Sharing and keep on learning is something keep me going. Do not forget, this is part time business and passionate hobby. It is not hard to maintain a blog at your sideline while you go to your daily occupation. That will give you a financial support too indeed.

At present I find it somewhat hard as Paypal does not give withdrawal facility but I believe things will be fine and clear soon. Somehow, bank wire option and paper check work fine with me. My main income method is affiliate marketing. If you are willing to start a blog, let me tell you; you can earn your living by utilizing affiliate marketing strategies properly. If you are interested, you can start here.

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I am a passionate blogger who writes on affiliate marketing; currently working as a part time blogger as I am a teaching professional in IT and English. My goal is to take Sri Lanka to the next level of blogging. Therefore, I share my knowledge with my vibrant community.

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