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Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages plus Your Affiliate Marketing Growth

landing pages and squeeze pages; You should definitely have heard about them . What are they? What do they provide you as an affiliate marketer? How can we create a landing page without any coding.  In this post we hope you to provide some insights about them.

Landing Pages.

Landing pages are made for selling a specific product like e-book, a digital product or it may be a garment. Therefore, they are called sales pages.

image10-300x196 Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages plus Your Affiliate Marketing Growth

It begins with an eye catching headline, and a persuasive description about its uses or features with a dazzling picture related to the product. The details are not descriptive nor lengthy; it only focuses on getting the attraction of the visitor to try the product. There can be testimonials and more information tabs for the customer to explore if they are interested and to be more confident.

What is the importance of a landing page or squeeze page to your website? As an affiliate marketer, your main income rely on sending visitors to specific products. You cannot keep all the details in your website or blog post. You can use landing pages to send your visitors to land on specific products related to your niche.

Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages squeeze  specific information from the visitor like names and e-mail addresses. They do not provide details instead they collect information from the visitor.

Marie-Forleo-300x229 Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages plus Your Affiliate Marketing Growth

Squeeze pages comes with opt-in-forms. They are the doors that open your website to your visitors to make them your lifetime customers. You let your customer to join you in your newsletter or the email marketing programme and share valuable information with them.

If you run a business, you need lifetime visitors to your business. Squeeze pages opens the gate for your visitors to come and experience your service. Therefore the gateway should be attractive and it should give your visitor something valuable. We can see many provide free e-book or newsletter in return for the email addresses. You can know the tips and tools related to email marketing here.

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Building Easy Landing Pages and Squeeze pages without Coding Knowledge.

728x90c Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages plus Your Affiliate Marketing Growth

I myself have no coding knowledge; therefore I prefer making any page with drag and drop function. You can get the support of one of the trending WordPress marketing plug InstaBuilder to create eye catching landing and squeeze pages. I got this description from their web page, this is how they boast about their service:

InstaBuilder lets you create beautiful, highly converting, marketing pages with huge functionality at the touch of a button, even if you have no technical expertise at all.We combines the functionality of dozens of plugins in a ‘one stop’ solution that takes care of all your Internet Marketing needs.

We have hundred of templates that you can choose from. You have the ability to completely CUSTOMIZE the look and feel of your page… change any elements with just point, click, drag and drop.

You can get an idea of how it works by watching this video.


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