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Optimizing Social Media Traffic

Social media is a great tool to show your online presence. You should grow your blog’s readership by engaging your visitors. Just writing a good blog post and waiting does not help you. If done properly, you can turn a good number of traffic to your site. What more, you can build up your identity and become a brand in the community. Why are you waiting? It’s time to join social media platforms as much as you can.

Yes, it is true that e-mail marketing is the most powerful weapon in blogging but still we cannot forget the power of traffic coming to our blog.

aweber Optimizing Social Media Traffic

You have to integrate and optimize your social media to have more effect on it. There are great tools you may utilize to get the optimum value for your blog post. All the tools are free and if you want pro features, you can upgrade them.

Integrating Social Media Buttons

You may have done this already, if not do it right now. Having links to share the post to social media makes it easy for your reader to share it with his or her friends. Jet pack plugin comes with this feature built in. You may read the Must have WordPress plugins here. Remember just integrating social media icons is not enough. Ask your readers to share the article if they find it useful.

Publicizing Posts

WordPress comes with this option once you install Jet Pack (it’s free). You can automatically send your post to all the social media platforms once configured.

publicize-setting-229x300 Optimizing Social Media Traffic
Click on the edit settings link and connect your social media giving permission to make posts automatically. Once you do this, the blog post goes to all the social media platforms when you hit the publish button.

Reviving Old Posts

revive-old-post-300x135 Optimizing Social Media Traffic

Social media postsĀ  are constantly updated. Once you share your post, it may be not visible to your audience as the contents in walls updated with newer ones. Your old posts may not reach some people at all. With Revive old post plugin you can schedule to post your old posts automatically. You can set the interval how frequently the old post go to social media. You will have the chance to bring extra traffic to your blog in this manner.

Free version allows you to post only to two platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You have the video tutorial to set the things up. Go to plug ins, add the plugin and activate it now or you may miss the most important traffic to your blog.

Bringing Social Media Platforms Together
images-2-300x134 Optimizing Social Media Traffic

Hootsuite allows more professional platform to bloggers to manage their social media platforms. In free version it allows you to bring three platforms into one place then you will have no need to log in the programs individually.

Still e-mail marketing is proven to be more strong with regard to earn life time visitors but we cannot forget that social media lays the foundation to bring visitors to your site. Optimizing social media is called off page SEO. If you are new to SEO optimization and Words related to SEO, you should read those posts too.

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